Thursday, October 10, 2013

The new coming


It's been months i've been leaving this blog things because of one parasites on facebook. Someone been trying to be me and said all bad words. I still don't know who's that person is but all i know that they hates me. They keep my personal and wedding picture and saying bad words like they were mad my husband choosing me instead of them. I think that person is a girl but i still don't have any evidence for that. So, what can i do at that time is, delete all my pic here, facebook,twitter and block that account just to stop them from taking my picture. I've been stop blogging since then, but now that i already report that account to facebook, everything is undercontrol. The account had been stop and I stop accepting friend request on facebook just to take extra carefull in my social network.

Now that i open my blog again, i hope that person can read this and talk to me personally about the things that they've done to me. I just want to understand why they do all those shit.. As long as i leave my highschool, i don't remember making any haters out there. It's so confusing for me to think all this matters and at the same time trying to pull my name back in dignity.

Oh well,

Things happen and it's over. I just have to get back from myself and be awesome! ..


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